Explorer Service Handgun Qualification Program

Law Enforcement Explorer ProgramLaw Enforcement Explorer Posts and their supporting agencies can benefit greatly by enrolling their Explorers in the NRA Law Enforcement Explorer Qualification Program. This program helps Explorers increase their shooting proficiency, with a handgun, while letting them set their own pace and achieve challenging but attainable scores. Performance is measured against established par scores and any explorer who meets or exceeds those scores is entitled to the corresponding recognition awards for the rating earned.

Used as a development tool for young shooters the NRA Law Enforcement Explorer Qualification Program allows them to continue in the shooting sports and prepare for national and international competitions. The benefit to the law enforcement community is that this program will assist in the development of safe shooting habits and increased proficiency of potential law enforcement officers.

Eligibility for awards is limited to cadets who are active participants of organized Law Enforcement Explorer Posts who meet all requirements of Learning for Life. Explorers who are sworn full-time or part-time police officers are NOT eligible to participate in this program.

NOTE: The awards in this program have been approved by Learning for Life as one of the award categories under The Law Enforcement Explorer Proficiency Program.

  • Conditions
    Explorers are required to complete an 8-hour firearm safety-training course prior to qualifying.

    Firing of all qualification scores must be witnessed by the range supervisor or the officer-in-charge of the Law Enforcement Explorer Post. There is no limit to the number of times a shooter may attempt qualification. The scores listed in the course of fire section must be met to qualify for a rating.
  • Firearms
    Only a law enforcement service-type handgun (revolver or semi-auto pistol) authorized for duty carry by officers of the sponsoring law enforcement agency is to be used. Revolvers must be capable of firing the standard .38 Special load. The handgun must be factory manufactured with no internal or external modifications. Grips may be changed or modified for the shooter's hand size. Any handgun with modifications that change the outward appearance from the service-type model is not allowed. Standard metallic fixed or adjustable sights may be used. Scopes, red-dot sights, and laser sights are not allowed.
  • Target
    Standard NRA B-8 target.
  • Timers
    When time restrictions are specified, shooters should have another individual act as timekeeper.
  • NRA Staff
    NRA Staff is available to help Post leaders get started or answer any questions that they may have. Direct calls to the NRA Marksmanship Qualification Coordinator at marksmanship@nrahq.org or (703) 267-1505.

NRA Law Enforcement Explorer Service Handgun Qualification Course of Fire
The Law Enforcement course of fire is designed to help shooters enter local, state, and national competition. The qualification ratings earned in this program do not apply to an NRA competitions shooting "classification."

Definition of course:
  • Slow Fire - 5 minutes per 5-shot string
  • Timed Fire - 20 seconds per 5-shot string
  • Rapid Fire - 10 seconds per 5-shot string
Aggregate Course of Fire:
The aggregate is a 25-yard, 30-shot course of fire that must be fired as a complete unit in the same session in order to qualify for that rating (two strings each of Slow Fire, Timed Fire, and Rapid Fire).
Rating Position Shots Per Target Yards Reqd Slow Fire / Score Repeat _ times Reqd Timed Fire / Score Repeat _ times Reqd Rapid Fire / Score Repeat _ times
2 phases
1. Benchrest 5 5 25/50 (50%) 5        
2. Benchrest 5 7 25/50 (50%) 5        
2 phases
1. Standing 5 7 30/50 (60%) 5        
2. Standing 5 7     25/50 (50%) 5    
3 phases
1. Standing 5 15 36/50 (75%) 5        
1. Standing 5 15     33/50 (65%) 5    
1. Standing 5 15         25/50 (50%) 5
3 phases
1. Standing 5 20 43/50 (85%) 5        
1. Standing 5 20     37/50 (75%) 5    
1. Standing 5 20         33/50 (65%) 5
Distinguished Expert Aggregate course of fire shot five times with a score of 201/300 or better in each Aggregate.



NRA Law Enforcement Explorer Price List

Order online at http://materials.nrahq.org or call the NRA Program Materials Center toll free at 1-800-336-7402. All orders are subject to shipping fees and sales tax where applicable.

EQ10755 Explorer Qualification Patch
EQ10730 Pro-Marksman Certificate
EQ10735 Marksman Certificate
EQ10740 Sharpshooter Certificate
EQ10745 Expert Certificate
EQ10750 Distinguished Expert Certificate
EQ10705 Pro-Marksman Pin
EQ10710 Marksman Pin
EQ10715 Sharpshooter Pin
EQ10720 Expert Pin
EQ10725 Distinguished Expert Pin
EQ10470 Pro-Marksman Rocker
EQ10480 Marksman Rocker
EQ10500 Sharpshooter Rocker
EQ10510 Expert Rocker

View current prices or order these items online at http://materials.nrahq.org.

If participants are members of the NRA, and have achieved the level of Law Enforcement Explorer Distinguished Expert, NRA Headquarters free of charge will send their Distinguished Expert award to them. The Post leader will need to download and fill out the Distinguished Expert Report Form. Space permitting, the Explorer will be recognized inInSights, NRA's youth member magazine. Leaders can send completed reports, along with a picture of the Explorer, to:

NRA Headquarters
Attn: Marksmanship Qualification Coordinator
11250 Waples Mill Road
Fairfax, VA 22030

IMPORTANT REMINDER:Law Enforcement Explorer Qualification certificates, patches, and uniform bars are only available to enrolled Posts. To enroll a Post, complete the Law Enforcement Explorer application and mail it to:

NRA Headquarters
Attn: Marksmanship Qualification Coordinator
11250 Waples Mill Road
Fairfax, VA 22030

Members of your organization are encouraged to become individual members of NRA. NRA members receive monthly issues of one of the following publications: American Rifleman, American Hunter, America's 1st Freedom, or InSights. Individual members may also compete in NRA registered tournaments. Contact the Competitive Shooting Division at (703) 267-1430 for more information.